Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

Account Questions

Can I play on web without Facebook?

Right now you need a Facebook account to play the game.

My campus and team disappeared on my iPhone, how do I get it back?

On iOS: If you are logged in to Apple Gamecenter when you created your team then your team is associated with your gamecenter account.   If your team disappeared and was created with your gamecenter account then make sure you are logged into Gamecenter.  If you created your team when you were not logged into Gamecenter then make sure you are not logged into gamecenter to see your team.

Can I change my team name?

In the game, if you click on the setting button on the right side you will see a screen with your team name on it.  Click on your team name and you can change it here!  

I lost my team, can you help get it back?

In limited cases we are able to help get teams back to players.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if we can help you in your situation.  Please note, most cases we are not able to help!

Can I copy my team between devices?

If you are using iOS and you created your team under your gamecenter account then all devices that use your gamecenter account will share the same team. 

If you are not on iOS or did not create the team with Gamecenter then we may be able to help you manually copy your team.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if we can help in your situation.  


I didn't get my gold, what the F?

If you made a purchase and did not receive your gold then please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please let us know your team name, when you made the purchase and how much Gold you were purchasing and we'll make sure you get your Gold! 

I can't buy some of the buildings in the game?

There are a few reasons that buildings are not available to purchase in the game.  Some buildings are only available at higher stadium levels.  If you do not have enough bucks/fandom then you cannot purchase the building.  And, if you already placed the maximum number of that building type then you cannot place anymore. 


Basic Gameplay

Build your college campus full of training facilities, tailgates, and of course an epic stadium.  Use your awesome campus to recruit a promising team of young bobbleheads and take them into battle against other players in head-to-head or AI-controlled matches. Carefully manage your campus resources and hone your football strategy to reach the top of the leaderboard then join a conference or start one of your own to join forces with your friends to crush your rivals in the Bobblehead Football League championships. 

Roster and Recruiting

Your team is only as good as your bobblehead players.  And players graduate when they hit 60 games played so you always have to recruit new ones! 

Recruit the best players you can, put them through as much training as possible and your team has a good chance to be victorious.  


Each Bobblehead player can train 1 time after each game they play in.  A Bobblehead player only 'counts' as playing in a game if he's in the roster lineup (above the yellow line on the roster screen).  If a player is eligible to train you can select any training building and choose the player to train for those skills.  For instance, if you want to increase a player's strength you can put him in the weight room and after 20 minutes his strength stats will jump up. 

Since you can only train a player 1 time between  games he plays in, you have to be careful about which training building you place each player in.  If you want a mobile QB to run with then don't waste your training on throwing and QB skills...but make sure you train every time, or you won't be able to compete at the top level of Bobblehead College Football!


You can't build a great team without a great campus!   

The campus contains many buildings and venues that will support your efforts in creating a Championship team including your Stadium, Recruiting Center, Film Room, Practice Fields and many more.  For an explanation of every building check out the campus buildings page

Power Ups

Power Ups are boosts that you can give your players for 1 play during a game.  Boosts can be bought in the shop AND they can be given to your conference teammates.  Conference Powerups are more powerful than the base powerups.  Using your powerups in games is a key strategy to helping win.  For instance, you might want to use a bulldozer powerup at the goalline to make sure you gain enough yards for a touchdown.  Or on defense, use a Steal curtain to stuff an oponent at the goalline or on a critical 3rd down.  

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