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We are excited to announce that starting at the end of December that Bobblehead College Football will be available to play off of Facebook.   Starting January 3rd you can play right here on our website:

For now - you still need to use your Facebook account to log in and you will still have your same team under that account.  We'll be adding support so you can also use a gmail account to log in as well now.  And wait there's more!

With this update we also have a couple of great features added to the game:

  • Gridiron Challenge is finally back!  Play in the gridiron challenge and see if you can bring home the gold!    
  • Spectator Mode for BFL.  Watch any game in the BFL - cheer your conference teammates on and help get your conference to the top
  • In Campus-mode we fixed several bugs with navigating and camera movement and a bug that prevented moving and upgrading new buildings
  • Fixed a crash in recruiting screen that tripped up new users regularly
  • New Font that is more readable
  • Scaling building icons/callouts
  • A couple fixes to in-game logic for passing and tackling
  • Fixed 2 crash bugs during on-field games
  • Made some server stability improvements

On the web version we now utilize the standard Stripe payment platform for currency purchasing.  We do not get access to any credit card info in this system - it is 100% secure.  The stripe platform charges us WAY less for processing payments than Facebook (or apple or google) - so we can hopefully grow the game better now because of this change as well! 

The game is still available on Facebook for now as well.  At some point we will likely drop the game from the hosted Facebook games but for now we're still hosting there as well!  

As always - if you find anything not working correctly hit us up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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