2024 - January - Bug Squashing Game Update

We are excited to announce the January 2024 game update.  We plan to push this update out Friday morning, January 19th.  We spent the last couple weeks fixing bugs and cleaning up a few things from the last update.  In total there were over 50 bugs squashed.  Many of these were just text formatting issues we identified after the release.  But about half of the changes were substantive fixes to problems - some of them long standing bugs!!! 

Here's the full list of bugs we addressed since December's release:

  • Mostly Fix Punts!
    • Punt returner now fair catches correctly
    • Punt returner returns ball correctly
    • Punter kicks ball to correct spot
    • Tackler on punts is able to get to the tackle spot now
    • Ball rotates on snap back to punter
  • In Game Logic Updates
    • In-Game Logic changes on RB's tackled for loss so that the RB doesn't run backwards away from tackler and just end up with worse loss.
    • Fix a crash where the game would lock up after an incomplete pass when the WR dove
  • Training and Roster Screen Fixes!
    • Fix roster screen so that it shows full player names on position cards
    • Fix roster screen so that it actually shows and highlights the name of legend players on position cards
    • Fix crash bug where the train players buttons were on when they shouldn't have been
    • Fix challenge screen time remaining to fit in text area
    • Provide better descriptions on pre game roster screen why users can't play a game
  • Chat Window:
    • Fix bug where you could visit your own campus
    • Fix spacing on user list in chat so tapping on name is a little easer
    • Fix location of chat window so it's not obstructing as much
    • Allow Chat window to close when we're in a game
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Fix coin toss screen to have team names and logos set up correctly
    • Fix the play result text on playcall screen when the QB gets sacked or scrambles (used to just say 'incomplete' - now says the correct thing)
    • Fix a soft-lock crash where the target player on an incomplete pass was getting into a funky animation state
    • Update Press Room so the image and construction overlays are in the correct size and place
    • Fix text character spacing on a bunch of dialogs and text fields
    • Standardized close buttons on all screens so none of them are floating off the screen
    • Fix Join Game popup coming up early on top of loading screen and then not displaying right away on game load
    • In Game - fix bug with team names not showing on HUD
    • In Game update score text in HUD to be bigger
    • Put home button on playcall screen when you're in the BFL spectating mode
    • 25 Text formatting and spacing fixes

As always, if you find a problem or have an issue with the game let us know at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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